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Here you will find pictures of most of my Smurf collection and a history of the Smurfs. Also there is the links page with links to other smurf websites, character pvc sites and sites where you can buy pvc smurfs and others. This site is mainly about smurf pvc collectibles, although it does have other Smurf collectible items featured.

Honestly, I am really not sure how this all started. When I started out re-collecting I hadn't any smurfs at all. On a lark one day after thinking about past childhood happy stuff, I did a search on eBay for smurfs and there they were, and the rest is history!

The bulk of what you see on my site has been bought in the last two years. The other character collectibles I have been acquiring over the years and could never seem to give up ... now I am glad I didn't. There are quite a few recent additions to them as well!

The Smurfs are still being produced today, even though some think they went away in the '80s ... they didn't, they just left the sight of collectors in the USA. Smurfs are still just as popular in Europe as they have always been since they first appeared in 1958. So look around and enjoy! This website is continually being updated, and changes occur even when you are looking at a page. Check back often so you don't miss out on new arrivals and news!

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Shout Out Video to pvcblue by June Foray
the actress who voiced Jokey Smurf on the cartoon!
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